LUGANO: 9-13 October 2023


Why eHealth Business?


Digital health technologies are rapidly changing the practice of medicine and the doctor–patient relationship.


Digital health enterprises, and the digital health entrepreneurs who create them, have the goal to create user-defined value through the design, development, roll out or launch, and harvesting of digital health innovative products, services, platforms, and models.


While the digital health market is expanding rapidly, a high percentage of eHealth start-ups are not successful in the long term. To help emerging eHealth companies understand and develop the keys to success, Università della Svizzera italiana has created a one-week comprehensive program on eHealth Business.


This advanced training on eHealth Entrepreneurship will provide young and future entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills with which to tackle the critical issues, vital for their companies to establish a strong position in the market preparing the basis for future growth.


Participants will be trained on how to start, finance and grow an eHealth Business. The teaching program also includes topics on health information technology, national strategies in eHealth, technology platforms, regulatory affairs, intellectual property rights and reimbursement.


Lectures and seminars are taught by world-class instructors from the eHealth industry, academia and venture capital.


We would be very pleased to welcome you to eHealth Business and Lugano.


Dr. Heidrun Flaadt Cervini,

Founder and Director of CASE BioMed